IUT de Saint Denis

L'IUT de Saint Denis

A short presentation, the IUT of Saint-Denis

The IUT is one of the Technology Institutes of University Paris 13. It offers practical-oriented studies in the following departments :

  • Marketing
  • Business administration
  • Hygiene, safety and environment
  • Instrumentation
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Industrial engineering and maintenance
  • Materials engineering

Curriculae are multi-disciplinary and very intensive ; they all include an internship.They lead to two types of awards : the DUT (University Diploma in Technology) and the Licence (a 3 year degree).

Staff is composed of researchers, academics and a regular flow of company staff bringing their professional experience.

Studies follow a semestrial scheme, according to the Bologna Process.All studies include transversal skills (foreign languages, communication skills) and are based on a dual approach: theoretical as well as practical with a view to integrate quickly in companies.

They all include an internship in France or abroad and defense of the internship report. Most of them also include at least one project work which can be prepared alone or in teams.

Companies appreciate our students’ profile very much, as a result the employment rate of our students is one of the best for this level of competences.

Teaching is in French, but specific French language lessons are organised for Erasmus students.The pedagogy of IUTs enables foreign students to have close contacts with the Academic staff.

The IUT is located in the Saint-Denis campus, in the middle of a lively and historical town-centre and within easy reach by public transport (Paris centre in 20 minutes by metro).

Sports can be practised in St Denis or on the main campus of the University of Villetaneuse, but all other student facilities are provided at the IUT. The IUT welcomes students from the whole word and Erasmus students in particular.Although accommodation is scarce and expensive in Paris, the International Team provides valuable help in this field, please apply early enough if you wish to be certain to get accommodation.The office also helps visiting lecturers to organise their stay in France.

The IUT is strongly involved in International Relations and has a great number of international agreements for research as well as for teaching staff or student exchange.

International days are organised each year to provide a forum where students and Foreign Partners can meet.

Foreign partners receive our students for study or internship periods. They include Universities from most European countries (please refer to each department of the IUT for a full list.